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Here are some pictures of the latest events performed by Fabio Nemer:

Fabio Nemer

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Gerando Demanda - Mar 14
Sixpel 13A

LG - Trainers Brazil Team - Mar 14Gerando Demanda 2013 - Manaus

Sixpel 13A
Sixpel 13Aclick on the picture to
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Thirty years training people from various market segments and different professional positions, always focusing on Behavior and Communication.

A Coach that works in Brazil and internationally with the same objective:
Best results in Behaviour to get the best in Productivity and Sales.

To reach this, Fabio Nemer works in a different way, investigating the costumer company, its employees, leaders and partners, besides its specific Market, always before each Lecturer, Workshop, Conference or Training Program or Course.

Through this way of customizing each Product, the Costumers get the most important goals they  expect for their companies – the growth of the quality of Interpersonal Relationship and also the best results in Sales.


Official CoachAgape do Brasil


Waiting for a behavioural and sales upgrade in your team?

Fabio Nemer can help your company to get positive changes in your sales results and goals. Click here and ask for the best solution for your team, through a Customized Content.

Advanced sales tecniques
Telemarketing and the best sales
Breaking objections
Leadership and making decisions
Behavioral self control tecniques
Didatics and advanced

Recruiting, selection and developing talents
Emotional intelligence
Technical trainings
Trade marketing
Behavioural lectures

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Economy education
Loss reduction
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